Quayside design and print


For most jobs there are two main types of printing that we use, lithographic printing and digital printing.

Both methods have their own strengths. Our staff can advise which of our printing processes would be most suitable and cost effective when tailored to the kind of print job that you are planning.

If you would like any more information about your next print job our digital and litho printers are always on hand to give expert information and advice.

Lithographic printing

We use the Pantone colour matching system. These are colours that can be reproduced exactly the same every time. Our litho printer has over 25 years experience and off the top of his head can tell you the reference for any colour and how to mix it.

Once set up, a print run can go on for a long time, only needing a top up of paper every now and then. This means a long print run can be very cost effective, as the price per unit drops as quantities go up.

Digital printing

To look at, our digital presses appear very similar to a traditional large photocopier but the difference soon becomes obvious once they have started printing.

They can produce a much higher contrast range and a great vibrancy of colour that leave lesser machines behind.

Setting up each job run is a lot more straight forward on a digital print run, so we can produce anything from a single, one off print up to thousands.